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Credit without credit bureau information | Request now without obligation!

Credit without credit bureau information – a cheap alternative to the installment loan. You have a regular income, then a loan without credit bureau information is possible!

Credit without misleading advertising promise!

Credit without misleading advertising promise!

On the internet, we are more and more likely to come up with advertising promises or statements that promise customers credit without creditworthiness. We would like to warn our customers against it in principle – to believe such a promissory pledge.

Anyone who uses such statements to attract the attention of their customers does not intend to actually provide a loan. Such misleading advertising promises are exploited to attract customers looking for a loan without credit bureau.

Just because a Swiss bank does not ask you for a credit bureau statement does not necessarily mean that no credit check is taking place.

The determination and thus the weighting of the individual credit rating criteria is left to each individual lender. So the decision lies with the bank, whether you determine the credit bureau information as a credit criterion in the risk classification or not.

You can get a loan from us without any information!

Requirements for successful lending:

  • Of age – minimum age 18 years
  • Main residence as well as bank account in Germany
  • At least $ 1,300 net income per month
  • Regular, permanent employment or fixed income
    (Employees, civil servants and pensioners)

If all requirements are met, you will receive a non-binding loan offer within a few hours.

No credit check no credit check!

No credit check no credit check!

In a credit check several credit criteria are included. This includes several self-reports that are required by the borrower when making a loan application. One of the information relates to the income situation.

The bank is informed about the level of income, the employer and the safety of the workplace. In the case of a loan application, the expenses are also calculated, what is the rent or existing loan repayments, this refers to the amount of the monthly installment.

The asset situation of the individual customer is also a credit criterion. The bank inquires about the lending, for example, about existing life insurance or real estate ownership.

As you have already been informed, there is no credit, without the credit rating of the customer has been checked before the award. Every bank needs collateral – it does not matter whether it is a foreign or a German bank.

But what is possible is the credit without credit bureau information and here a credit rating is required.

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