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Credit with immediate payment | 20 partner banks ➤ In just 5 minutes!

Looking for a loan with immediate payment, favorable terms and a really fast transaction?

Whether financial shortage, striking washing machine or expensive car repair, with us you have found an experienced credit expert who reliably supports you in the realization of your credit, even with a not so optimal credit bureau score.

For this we use our network with more than 20 partner banks. After a positive check of your loan application by the lending bank, the money is within one working day in your account. Your extra plus with us: The loan request is free and without obligation, so you do not take any risks. Make your request right now, it will not cost you more than five minutes of your time.

What is a loan with immediate payment?

What is a loan with immediate payment?

The loan with immediate payment is a normal installment loan with a credit-based interest rate and a freely selectable term.

The special thing about this loan is our extremely short processing time, which enables us to quickly get you the financial means you want. You will receive a personalized offer within 24 hours of your request, tailored to your individual wishes.

Speed ​​thanks to optimized machining processes

To ensure this speed, we focus on targeted simplification and use standardized procedures and short communication paths to speed up the processing processes. For all credit inquiries, we carry out automated preliminary checks. Then we contact our more than 20 large and small partner banks and submit you the best deal with the most favorable conditions for you on the same day.

Incidentally, you can influence the processing time yourself by submitting required credit documents such as salary statements via an upload rather than by mail. The sooner you have everything, the faster you can have the loan amount you want. After accepting the bank’s offer, it will take no longer than one business day for you to be able to record the credit of the money in your account.

Which loan amount is possible?

The maximum loan amount of our loan with immediate payment is 100,000 usd. In addition to existing commitments, 50,000 usd can be realized. In contrast to many other credit intermediaries, we do not exclude retirees and offer our loans for this age group with immediate payment. A slightly negative credit bureau value is also not a hindrance to us, but rather spurs us on to develop the best possible solution for our customers.

Which conditions must be met?

Get assurance today – guaranteed for free and without obligation. We’ll tell you straightaway if your loan can be realized through one of our partner banks. Below is a list of the basic requirements that must be met for a loan:

  • majority
  • Main residence in Germany
  • German bank account
  • permanent employment and / or fixed income (employees, civil servants, pensioners)

Your advantages and possibilities

Your advantages and possibilities

You do not need to specify a purpose. Unlike an earmarked consumer loan, you can enjoy maximum discretion with our immediate payment loan. So it’s up to you what you use the money for.

Whether you’re balancing your credit, investing in a new hobby, fulfilling the long-cherished desire of a world tour, or refurbishing your property, counting your priorities. In addition, you have the opportunity to significantly reduce running costs, as these examples illustrate:

Replacement of the disposition credit

Are you using your credit line or have you already completely exhausted the overdraft framework? The comfortable, but at the same time very expensive, type of loan attracts high interest rates month after month, often in the double digits.

Good for your bank, bad for your wallet. If you balance your current account with a loan with immediate payment and favorable conditions, you have a high potential for savings.

Cheap finance

Even with the financing of urgent purchases, a loan with immediate payment is superior to a claim on the repayment credit, as far as the interest burden and the associated costs are concerned. They thus finance cheaper, thus saving money, the shipping trap cleverly bypassed and still have the desired financial means quickly and easily.

Umschulden of old credits

The rescheduling of old loans is useful in most cases. By merging multiple old liabilities, you gain benefits. You pay less interest because the interest rate is currently very low. With the same duration, your monthly loan installments will be lower, if you choose a consistent installment, you will be faster debt free.

In addition, the combination of old loans in just one loan has a positive effect on your credit rating by the credit bureau, which automatically rewards this with a better credit bureau value.

To apply for a loan with immediate payment

To apply for a loan with immediate payment

The entire process – from the loan inquiry through the loan approval to the receipt of money in your account – we have summarized below again clearly for you. Your loan with immediate payment in five steps:

  1. credit request
    You submit your free and non-binding loan request and enter your personal data in our online form (eg name, current address, date of birth, monthly income, etc.). Now indicate which loan amount and which installment you want. It takes on average less than five minutes to provide the required information.
  2. We request offers and check the conditions
    We contact our partner banks – more than 20 small and large banks – and get offers. Then we check the conditions, select the best loan offer and send it to you the same day. This step is also free and non-binding.
  3. They review the loan offer and submit the loan documents
    Now you have the opportunity to look at the loan offer in peace and to see if it meets your needs. If this is the case, sign now only the loan agreement, add the required documents (eg your salary statements for the last three months) and submit it to us via upload. Alternatively, you can choose the postal service and send it to the address given in the contract.
  4. Examination of your documents by the bank
    The bank examines your submitted loan documents, matches them with the key data of the credit agreement and decides on the lending. If the bank comes to a positive result, the disbursement of the loan amount is promptly initiated.
  5. Receipt of money on your account within 24 hours
    The bank will transfer the agreed loan amount in full to the account that you mentioned in the contract. It takes no longer than one business day to be credited to your account. Thus, the desired financial resources are actually available very quickly.

45 years experience in credit brokerage

45 years experience in credit brokerage

Do not trust your credit concerns to any credit intermediary, but to an experienced, reputable expert.

With us you have found exactly the right contact person. This promise is substantiated by facts. We have been successful in the lending industry for more than 45 years. More than 100,000 brokered loans, just as many satisfied customers and a high recommendation rate speak for the first-class quality of our service.

Our good name stands for know-how and experience. Fairness and transparency form the basis of our company philosophy. So we work only success-dependent and do not charge any costs to our customers. Even if you decide otherwise after a successful loan commitment, you will not incur any costs.

We use our great expertise to develop fast, convenient and affordable solutions for our customers. Rely on our expertise and apply for your loan with immediate payment right now. We look forward to your inquiry and will be pleased to advise you.

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