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Credit despite credit bureau entry without pre-payment

Even with a negative entry in the credit bureau it is possible to get a loan and that without pre-cost. There are two ways to finance your wishes when your own fund is a little short or we could not predict the expenses.

Credit without credit bureau to 7,500 usd despite entry

Credit without credit bureau to 7,500 usd despite entry

The first of the two options is the credit without credit bureau also called Swiss Loan. For this loan, credit bureau information is not required from the applicants. Thus, credit bureau entries are not important and a loan can be mediated despite credit bureau entry. The offer of the bank without credit bureau is manageable. The borrower will be offered three amounts up to a maximum of $ 7,500. The reputable credit without credit bureau is a package deal, where all customers are offered the same conditions. Oh, the maximum amount is specified by the bank.

Customers who are interested in financing without credit bureau can choose between three amounts; 3,500 usd, 5,000 usd and 7,500 usd. The desired amount will usually be transferred within a few days of the application. Also, the payment of the loan is not registered with the credit bureau. Above all, many customers who have already taken out a loan from their principal bank and need additional financing are using this advantage. For many banks, it will be difficult to obtain additional money from existing contracts. The customer must meet at least the following conditions for a positive credit decision:

  • Regulated monthly income of approx. 1,000 usd
  • An indefinite employment contract for at least 12 months
  • German citizenship
  • Permanent residence in Germany
  • Minimum age of 18 years

Credit despite credit bureau entry in soft negative features

Credit despite credit bureau entry in soft negative features

The second option for a loan despite credit bureau entry is a credit intermediary who finds a financing partner even in difficult cases. An intermediary will assist us in the settlement and negotiations until the conclusion of the contract and the subsequent payment. Most customers are looking for a loan without credit bureau immediately after the first rejection, although most can be offered quite a normal and cheaper installment loan.

An intermediary works with several banks, which increases the customer’s chance of successfully financing his or her wishes. A loan in spite of credit bureau is usually given by a Deutsche Bank specializing in lending to private households. This is possible by a closer look at the credit bureau information without the customer immediately refuse flat rate. Not every negative entry in the credit bureau is an obstacle to successful mediation.

All banks have their own internal procurement guidelines and decide differently on the award. In some banks, a customer with a credit bureau entry flat rate rejected where in turn other banks look at the scoring and the negative entry in the credit bureau closer and then decide. However, with hard negative features, we can be sure that no bank will give us a loan, as this information is also entered in public directories and the banks commit to not lending in such a situation. Again, the customer must fulfill certain conditions before the mediation:

  • Monthly income in sufficient amount
  • A contractually regulated work eg employee / civil servant
  • No hard negative features in the credit bureau
  • Permanent residence in Germany

From request to withdrawal:

From request to withdrawal:

You make a free inquiry through our online form. From here our credit experts take over. The inquiry takes only a few minutes. Please note that all information must be truthful and complete. All questions will be answered by your personal adviser by e-mail or telephone. The application acceptance is possible in 7 working days, an answer with a personal loan offer you receive after few hours. The offer is completely free and without obligation. As an experienced credit broker with more than 40 years of experience in the brokerage industry, our offer is free of charge.

Once all the approved documents have been returned in full, their credit application will be reviewed by the selected bank. If the check is positive, the desired amount will be transferred to the current account indicated by you as soon as possible. Usually it takes only a few days from processing to payment, even instant loans are possible within 24 hours after approval can be paid.

Free is free!

service fee
Loan request and the following loan offer free of charge ✔
Comparison of up to 20 partner banks free of charge ✔
Preparation of client documents for the credit agreement free of charge ✔
Customer service and support from request to payment free of charge ✔

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